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At the helm of Emotional Brain is a dedicated, resourceful and highly experienced management team and Supervisory Board, supported by valuable advice from an expertly skilled and experienced Scientific Board and Scientific Advisory Board. Our team members contribute experience in the pharmaceutical industry as well as specific expertise in the fields of drug discovery, clinical trials, finance and commercialization.

J.J.A. (Adriaan) Tuiten, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Adriaan Tuiten received his PhD from the University of Utrecht. He has spent over 25 years studying the interactions between biological and psychological regulation mechanisms and the explanation of behavior. He is an internationally recognized researcher into the hormonal regulation of behavior and is widely published. Adriaan founded Emotional Brain in 2001 and initiated Emotional Brain’s activities in FSD in 2005.

K. (Kim) van Rooij, MD, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

Kim van Rooij received her MD from the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam and her PhD from the Utrecht University. She is involved in FSD since 2008. She was heavily involved in the development and execution  of the phase 2b studies in the US.  She co-authored regulatory submissions and presented for the U.S Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency. She authored and co-authored various research articles on sexual dysfunction. 

R.G.T.V. (Robert) Kimman, MSc, Chief Financial Officer

Robert Kimman joined Emotional Brain in 2013, as CFO he is primarily responsible for managing the financial risks of our corporation, as well as financial planning and record-keeping. After receiving his MSc in Business Economics (VU University, Amsterdam) Robert has worked in various organizations in finance and management positions. He has got over 20 years experience in this field.

J.M.M. (Jos) Bloemers, PhD, Director Scientific Operations EB FSD

Jos Bloemers has been with Emotional Brain from the beginning and has been working as a clinical trial manager until late 2010. Since then he has focused on coordinating Emotional Brain’s scientific program, which includes his own PhD, as well as those of some of the other researchers. He is responsible for all study protocols and the intellectual property of Emotional Brain.

J. (Jeroen) Gerritsen, MSc, Director Clinical Operations EB FSD

Jeroen Gerritsen joined Emotional Brain in 2006 and has been involved in the FSD research as a psychophysiologist, as well as working on his PhD on new methodologies in this field of research. Since December 2010, he has been responsible for the daily coordination of these studies.

I. (Inge) van Welsen, Manager EB Medical Research

Inge van Welsen was appointed Manager EB Medical Research in 2015. She has been involved with Emotional Brain since the start; In the period from 2011 to 2013 she was Study Director for the phase 2B studies conducted by Emotional Brain LLC in the United States.