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Field of interest: FSIAD

Clinical studies have shown that a large percentage of adult women in the US and in Europe suffer from sexual complaints. Although the numbers between studies vary considerably, low sexual desire, with or without sexual arousal problems, is consistently reported as the most common sex-related complaint. As a result, many women are dissatisfied with their sex lives, which often affects their social and emotional wellbeing.

This has been classified as a clinical condition, referred to as Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder (FSIAD). This FSD subtype is a widespread and, as many experts feel, unmet medical need that needs to be addressed in the interest of millions of women suffering today.

Emotional Brain takes a particular interest in FSD and, more specifically, FSIAD. As there is currently no FDA-approved drug for FSD or any of the subtypes, and no effective diagnostic tool to differentiate between the main types of FSD, even though over 80% of physicians agree that there is a substantial need for FDA-approved FSD therapy, we are greatly committed to the development of effective medical therapy options.

Various causal mechanisms have been identified as being responsible for female sexual complaints. Emotional Brain takes a two-pronged approach to create advanced medications that are designed to respond to the exact individual causes of FSIAD in each patient.