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EB FSD is the subsidiary research unit of Emotional Brain that is responsible for performing all of Emotional Brain’s research activities in the Netherlands (fundamental scientific research into the causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction, or FSD). EB FSD is currently conducting clinical research trials in the Netherlands and in the US that will contribute to the development and approval of two new drugs, Lybrido and Lybridos, each of which is designed to provide a targeted approach to treating FSD.

Clinical data for Lybrido and Lybridos obtained in several phase 1 and 2 studies performed by EB FSD show an excellent safety profile and positive effects on sexual function in two distinct subgroups of women suffering from Female Sexual Interest and/or Arousal Disorder (FSIAD). Lybrido proved effective in one subgroup (approximately 50% of the whole group) and Lybridos proved effective in the second subgroup (also approximately 50% of the whole group).

Further details are available in Clinical Research.

Emotional Brain New York LLC

Large-scale Phase 2B studies have been conducted at clinical research sites in the US (2011-2014). 

Our studies in the United States have been reviewed and approved by IRB’s (Institutional Review Boards). The Medical Research Ethics Committee (METC; Dutch review board) has reviewed and approved the studies in the Netherlands.

EB FlevoResearch

A wholly owned, independent business unit of Emotional Brain, EB FlevoResearch is a site management organization (SMO) providing medical research and clinical trial services to companies in the pharmaceutical sector.

EB FlevoResearch strives to contribute to the improvement of medical therapies and prescription drugs with a focus on human needs. The company’s highly skilled and very experienced staff performs research in a professional manner, adhering strictly to (inter)national laws and regulations. Their long list of satisfied clients includes leading pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, biotech companies,as well as university medical faculties.

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