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Mission Vision Values

In the US, approximately 40% of women experience intimacy-related health problems at some point in their lives. While their problems may range from chronic pain to low sex drive and menopausal complaints, their needs are not on the radar screen of most mainstream research and funding agencies. Existing treatment options are few, and fail to address the multiple causes of sexual dysfunction adequately and effectively. Emotional Brain is deeply committed to enhancing the quality of women’s lives by conducting well-founded scientific research into the causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) and developing targeted pharmaceutical options designed to meet women’s individual needs.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the best possible solutions to healthcare issues that significantly impact the lives of women.

Emotional Brain provides support in the following ways:

  • Conducting research that seeks to understand the nature of women’s sexuality and sexual health
  • Conducting clinical research to advance knowledge in sexual medicine
  • Developing and assisting in developing scientific methods for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of conditions affecting human sexual function
  • Supporting a multidisciplinary approach in treating women’s sexual health concerns 
  • Increasing worldwide awareness on the subject of women’s sexual health

Our vision

Our vision is to contribute to a healthier community by empowering people to make informed decisions about their sexual health and wellbeing.

Our values

We pursue our goals by consistently fostering a culture of multidisciplinary innovation, integrity, passion and respect. These values are shared by all members of our staff and management, and reflected in the way we conduct our research and interact with all patients, study participants, clients and stakeholders.