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About EB

In 2001, Adriaan Tuiten, PhD, established Emotional Brain as a center for clinical and scientific research and education in the field of innovation in healthcare, with a specific focus on women’s sexual health. The company is privately owned and currently employs 30 highly skilled professionals. 

Emotional Brain has unique expertise in Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) and conducts research into the causes of FSD and the development of two new drugs.

“Emotional Brain is incorporated in the Netherlands, based in Almere, where our subsidiary research unit EB FSD conducts fundamental scientific research into the causes of FSD and clinical research into FSD treatment options (for more information, please refer to Clinical Research). Emotional Brain has conducted three Phase 2B studies in the US on the safety and efficacy of the two new drugs, Lybrido and Lybridos.”

In addition, Emotional Brain has an academic partnership with Utrecht University, which to date has resulted in two doctorates (Ph.D.) in pharmacology, and runs a Ph.D. program for other 2 doctoral candidates in statistics and pharmacology. Despite a relatively small core teaching staff base, Emotional Brain offers a dynamic research culture with visiting scholars, public lectures and conferences, and a regular program of research seminars.